Thursday, August 27, 2015

Giant 'Battle Bot' might Get Makeover before Epic Duel!

Finally, there is a crowd funding campaign for people that need to look at big robots fight to the death.
Mega Bots opposition. — a Boston-based company that builds big, human-operated, fighting robots — launched a Kick starter campaign nowadays (Aug. 19) to boost cash to develop a large, gun-toting mechanism, in preparation for AN future "duel" with an identical "battle bot" from Japan.
The campaign has already drawn in nearly $200,000 of the requested $500,000, and mechanism fans have till Sept. eighteen to contribute funds.
In June, the Mega Bots team took to YouTube to challenge its one and solely rival, Suidobashi
serious trade of Japan, to a mechanism fight. Kogoro Kurata founder of Suidobashi’s, accepted the challenge per week later, however with one condition: He wished the duel to be a "melee." In different words, the bots are not
simply about to stand across a field from one another and shoot paintballs; they will move to head-to-head, fist-to-fist, toe-to-toe and every one that good things.
But why will Mega Bots, the proud creator of a awfully massive combat mechanism, have to be compelled to raise cash for this mechanism duel? Well, the company's mechanism, the Mark II (Mk. II), simply is not prepared for the perils of close combat, the Mega Bots team aforesaid in an exceedingly statement.
The 15-foot-tall (4.6 meters) manually piloted Mk. II lumbers around and shoots supersize paintballs, however it's a tough time staying balanced, and it must be a lot of powerful and faster on its feet if it's about to win any fistfights.
"The upgraded Mk. II are going to be the explanation of A yank device," Cavalcanti GUI, chief operating officer and co-founder of Mega Bots, aforesaid within the corporation's Kickstarter video. "She will be five times quicker and powerful, self-balancing and armored for close battle."

The first $500,000 raised up up over the Kickstarter campaign can go toward all of the enhancements that Cavalcanti mentioned, however Mega Bots does not shall stop there. If the corporate will collect an extra $250,000, it'll update Mk. II's weapons system, creating the bot's arm guns a lot of spectacular (and a lot of patriotic) with the addition of a boxing equipment, a sculpture of Liberty-esque torch and what seems to be a weapon.
You may suppose these upgrades would be enough for Mk. II to require out the competition — a 12-foot-tall (3.7 m), 9,000-lb. (4,000 kilograms), BB-gun-carrying mechanism named Kuratas. However why stop there? If Mega Bots will raise $1 million, the corporate says it'll enlist the services of IHMC artificial intelligence (the organization that placed second during this year's DARPA artificial intelligence Challenge) to create a custom balance system for Mk. II.

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